June 11, 2019


Religions for Peace Nepal


Religions for Peace Nepal


Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal


Lazimpat G.P.O. Box 2894 Katmandu Nepal


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[Executive Members]
Mrs. Indira Manadhar (Buddhist)

<Vice President>
Mr. Lokmanya Golchha (Jain)

Ms. Pooja Manandhar (Hindu)

<Associate Secretary-General>
Mr. Ujwal Raj Gautam (Hindu)

Mrs. Indira Malla (Hindu)

<Joint Treasure>
Mrs. Shusila Pandey (Hindu)

[Board Members]
Mr. Pritam Singh (Sikh)
Bhikkuni Dr. Anuja (Buddhist)
Mr. Narendra Pandey (Bahai)
Mr. Nazrul Hasan Falahi (Musulim)
Brahma Kumar Ram Singh Ayer (Hindu)
Mr. Chintamani Yogi (Hindu)
Father Bill Robins (Christian)

Mr. Achut Raj Regmi (Hindu)
Mrs. Angur Baba Joshi (Hindu)
Mr. Bharat Dutta Koirala (Bahai)


RFP, Nepal is a non-profit, voluntary, and non-governmental social organization (an NGO). RFP, Nepal is affiliated to ACRP and Religions for Peace, International (formally known as WCRP).

Religions for Peace is an international coalition of representatives from the world’s religions dedicated to promoting peace founded in 1970. Religions for Peace Asia also known as ACRP, is the world’s largest regional body of religiously-inspired people working for peace and interreligious harmony.

RfP Nepal was initially known as RAPAN (Religions and Peace Academy of Nepal). It was established in 1990 A.D. RFP-Nepal was formally registered with the Government of Nepal, through the Central Kathmandu District office in January 2012.

RfP Nepal’s aim is to advocate peace, friendship, and development within the framework of religious co-existence and inter-religious dialogue.

Nepalese culture is a synthesis of different religions and ethnic groups, has many languages and traditions. Mutual respect, tolerance, and desire for peace can be the instruments to foster harmony and partnership among individuals, families, and communities. All are encouraged towards national development irrespective of caste, creed, faith, or language- leaving aside differences and diversities. RFP, Nepal was founded as a national organization to catalyze peace by stressing basic human values which are based on love, compassion, service, benevolence, justice, and truth.

Objectives of RfP Nepal;

  • To advocate, motivate and implement programs in the field of peace, culture, development, environment, conservation, and social welfare.

  • To promote education for peace.

  • To advocate and promote inter-religious partnership for peace and development.

  • To search and identify common ground and commonalities in various religions and to use them for human welfare and service, especially to uplift the poorest.

  • To assist in the promotion of world peace and formation of a new international economic order by improving understanding among religions, culture and traditions.

  • To organize lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions and to bring out publications.

  • To design and implement projects for peace in areas such as education, health, environmental protection and social welfare

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