RfP Asia (ACRP) advances common action among the Asia Pacific religious communities for Peace.

Multi-religious cooperation for Peace is the hallmark of ACRP. This cooperation includes but also goes beyond dialogue and bears fruit in common concrete action. Through ACRP, diverse religious communities discern “deeply held and widely shared” moral concerns, such as transforming violent conflict, bringing about just and harmonious societies, advancing sustainable development goals, caring for the earth, promoting nuclear and conventional disarmament and protecting human rights. ACRP translates these shared moral concerns into concrete multi-religious action.

Guiding Principles of ACRP

 -Respect religious differences
 -Act on deeply held and widely shared values
 -Preserve the identity of each religious community
 -Honor the different ways religious communities are organized
 -Link local, national and regional structures
 -Collaborate with Religions for Peace International