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Biopolymers include polyamides, as proteins, and polysaccharides, such as cellulose. Biological samples are likely to be complex systems based on such biopolymers with the addition of other, sometimes characteristic materials. Wood, for example, includes the basic macromolecules of cellulose and lignin, and different wood species differ from each other in the presence and amounts of additional substances, including terpenes. Microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, have been studied in the intact state as well as in isolated parts, such as cell walls.

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Lighter liquids, especially anything easily vaporized, will probably be evaporated from the filament by the heat of the interface before pyrolysis and are probably better studied using a furnace-type pyrolyzer. 3 Interfacing Filament pyrolysis instruments may be designed small enough to insert directly into the analytical device, especially the injection port of a gas chromatograph or the ion source of a mass spectrometer. In these cases, one need only ensure that the filament is positioned so that the pyrolysate may enter the analytical portion of the instrument, and that the filament probe is sealed into the unit so that there are no leaks.

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