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By Christophe Clement, Ettore Pacini, Jean-Claude Audran

ISBN-10: 3642599850

ISBN-13: 9783642599859

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ISBN-13: 9783642642098

Pollen, the plant constitution most generally utilized by people, is a key constitution in plant replica giving upward push to culmination and seeds. furthermore, the biotechnological use of pollen is of serious value for plant breeders because it permits to acquire forms with greater usage and yield. within the first half, the successive steps of pollen improvement within the anther from floral induction to pollen germination and fertilization are completely tested; the second one half is dedicated to pollen behaviour in vitro.

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E -:; - " c 12 / 8 0f! Q. 6 500 ~ 400 / 10 0 u ~ .. c: > 0; / 14 600 / it 2 ~ 0 18 28 34 - c; §. :E '" 0; . ~ s:: / 300 ~ 200 0 ~ > 100 ~ 0 41 48 56 Oays after bud burst Fig. 2. In planta ovary growth for female and male kiwifruit flowers from the initiation of the gynoecium (18 days after bud burst) up to flowering (56 days after bud burst): mean ovary diameter (female _ . 1 Histochemical preparations Flower buds from both female and male plants were periodically collected during floral morphogenesis and fixed in FAA (90% ethanol, 5% acetic acid, 5% formaldehyde).

1 Introduction Aliphatic polyamines are plant growth regulators that affect mainly the induction and sustenance of cell division (Bagni 1989). They are involved in all the steps of protein synthesis (replication, transcription and translation) through specific and aspecific interactions with DNA and different RNAs (Feuerstein and Marton 1989). In particular, the specific interactions of two molecules of spermine or spermidine, one located in the major groove at one end of the anticodon stem, the other near the variable loop of tRNA, are able to switch tRNA conformation from the inactive to the active form (which is then able to accept the specific amino acid) (Quigley et al.

R. Ferguson growing in experimental plots near Faenza (Italy) were sampled during flower development starting from buds 1 cm in diameter (day 0). Either whole anthers or isolated microgametophytes of male and female flowers from the microspore tetrad stage (day 14) to mature pollen (day 35) were extracted in 50 mM Tris-HCl buffer pH 8 containing protease inhibitors. Protein content was determined according to Lowry et al. (1951) after TCA precipitation. SDSPAGE was carried out according to Laemmli (1970).

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