Advanced Principles for Improving Database Design, Systems by Keng Siau, John Erickson PDF

By Keng Siau, John Erickson

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Fresh years have witnessed massive leaps within the energy of database applied sciences, making a new point of power to enhance complex functions that upload worth at extraordinary degrees in all components of data administration and usage. Parallel to this evolution is a necessity within the academia and for authoritative references to the examine during this zone, to set up a finished wisdom base that may allow the data expertise and managerial groups to achieve greatest merits from those strategies.

Advanced ideas for making improvements to Database layout, platforms Modeling, and software program improvement provides state of the art learn and research of the newest developments within the fields of database platforms and software program improvement. This ebook presents academicians, researchers, and database practitioners with an exhaustive selection of reports that, jointly, characterize the nation of information within the box.

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The life of massive information quantity on the internet has fueled an unrelenting have to find the "right details on the correct time," in addition to to successfully advance an built-in, accomplished details resource. This demands instruments for successfully reading and coping with net data-and for successfully handling internet info from the database point of view.

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In sieben aufeinander aufbauenden Schritten wird die Entwicklung einer IT-Strategie mit der Möglichkeit der praktischen Umsetzung anhand von vorgefertigten Arbeitsblättern präsentiert. Dabei werden alle für eine IT-Strategie relevanten Themenkomplexe von der Ableitung der IT-Strategie aus der Unternehmensstrategie bis zur Erstellung der Applikations- und Sourcingstrategie betrachtet.

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For example, commitments made to develop a gene ontology useful for genomics applications render the ontology to be less likely to be used to share medical records data. Yet data sharing between genomics and patient care applications is critical in many situations. The remedy to this seeming conundrum is to identify general concepts that cut across many domains—the domains’ “common-sense”—and collect them in a common-sense ontology (Lenat, 1995; Milton & Kazmierczak, 2004). This ontology is separated from more domain-specific ones.

Ecolingua is an ontology for modeling ecological metadata (Brilhante & Robertson, 2001) and represents the important measurement notion of sampling. What is needed is a measurement ontology that, like Ecolingua, can be used for developing Se- mantic Web ontologies of emerging domains, but represents even more. We believe that the TOVE measurement ontology (Fox, 1992) is one of the most extensive ontologies for enterprise modeling (Noy & Hafner, 1997). This article elaborates on what had previously been written about this measurement ontology.

Numerous challenges are faced by these emerging disciplines. One critical problem is data quality—many of the high throughput techniques, microarrays included, suffer from a great deal of noise (Lesk, 2005). Furthermore, no formal ANSI standards exist for managing these data systematically though some informal standards have emerged. One such standard is the MIAME format for microarrays (Duggan, Chen, Meltzer, & Trent, 1999; Mount, 2004), though this format does not include quality control information.

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