Acceptable Loss. An Infantry Soldier's Perspective by Kregg P. Jorgenson PDF

By Kregg P. Jorgenson

ISBN-10: 0307432580

ISBN-13: 9780307432582

The true-to-life tale of a Ranger who volunteered to serve on a Blue workforce within the Air Cavalry, racing to the help of squaddies who confronted an identical risks he had slightly survived within the jungles of Vietnam. no matter if enduring NVA sniper assaults, surviving "friendly" fireplace, or touchdown in sizzling LZs, Jorgenson stumbled on that during Vietnam you by no means knew even if you have been paranoid or simply painfully conscious of the possibilities.

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He turned away to discuss something with the spec-four. ” “I think it’s not bad. Some of what they said is pep talk, but most of it makes sense. Besides, I saw our names posted in the orderly room. ” I asked. ” Of the twenty or so soldiers assembled, eight of us hung around to join the company. Among our group was the Fort Benning Ranger from Texas. Training, we were told, would begin in a week. First, they’d take our names and social security numbers and get our orders changed. Perhaps the next day we’d receive new orders assigning us to H Company, where we’d join other volunteers who were waiting to begin training as well.

I was too young and dumb to appreciate fear or the aftermath of hard-fought combat. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might be filling the position of another, earlier, replacement who, just as cocky, just as foolish, had been killed by an equally young Vietnamese who was fighting for the liberation of his homeland, the freedom of his people and country, rather than worrying about his social status or any grand notion of vaulting into manhood. He would have a purpose while I would only have the war.

After a few misses, he triggers an explosion which drops him to the ground, only to have him get back up smiling, which shuts the lieutenant up, and maybe takes care of the platoon sergeant’s case of constipation. “The louie calls in to the troop commander that we just blew a VC ambush, while everyone else wildly digs through their rucksacks for any excess C rations to give to the old woman and the kid. After a while she’s got enough food to last her the rest of her natural life, provided she dies the following Thursday, which is something she just might do with her being so cobwebbed and all.

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