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Paka1y rear, behind. — — u unis, —i (4) — u protesto ti (—oj a, —vo, —us) protest. fire. — 1. farm. ükyje Ukis, —io (1) on the farm. 2. farm work, farm management. — ncras (1; a Polish word) — — prestige. little tail, uodeitè (1) of ucdegà (3 so—). urekgmeadoti (—oja, —vo, —u&s) recommend. — sienis, —io (1) lands. sieny — — foreign abroad. din. — si1Ikti (—lika,—liko,—l1ks) remain. usiflks, —kusi remaining. — — ‘oa (1) — berry. mood, spirit. gro üpc ãpas (2) good—humored, cheerful. — — (2) — river.

Prj w. ace. — 1. against. prie káln4— uphill. 2. in front of, before (place). 3. before (time). prie kèlet4 tièt, — a few years ago. prakéikti (—kia,—kê,--keThs) condemn to hell, damn. prakeikti’èji — the damned, the souls in hell. — pra1ék (pràlekia, pr1èké, -lêks) — fly past. pramti (prmua,prknué,—m) cut (an opening) through. nran’kti (—ksta,—ko,—ks) disappear. — — prar\fti (—rja,—rljo,—r1s) swallow. — merchandise. — pridegti (—gia, prldenge,—gs) cover. pridéti (prldeda,—djo,--des) add. ). 1.

Tistis (tisiasi, tisèsi, stretch oneself. tisi) téisintis (—irlasi, —inosi, —insis) justify oneself, make excuses. only. ) jj as soon as. — — — — — t1ki6ti (—ója,—6jo,—s) (of the heart). — beat tikétis (tIkisi, tikéjosi, tikési. a) hope. — tfkoti (—ko,—kojo,—kos) tikra — lurk. — — real, true. tikti (tika,tiko,tiks) be becoming to. tiltas (1) — suit, — — — 1. see tàs. 2. gen. of taT. del tZ therefore, because of that. — ks, tokià (3) toll — tolia — tolumà (3 tá—) place far away. tolumj in the distance.

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