Abundant Energy. The Fuel of Human Flourishing by Kenneth P. Green PDF

By Kenneth P. Green

ISBN-10: 0844772054

ISBN-13: 9780844772059

Humans depend upon power. From burning wooden to harnessing the atom, we've depended on the intake of ordinary assets. As civilization grows and the call for for strength raises, we needs to ask ourselves how toe top meet our power wishes whereas responsibly stewarding our resources.

In plentiful power: The gasoline of Human Flourishing, Kenneth P. eco-friendly presents a quick background of our reliance on varied assets of strength, explores the viability of either present and capability destiny resources, and gives a imaginative and prescient for the duty of fueling human prosperity within the twenty-first century.

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We will also show that energy use, as a key factor in production, is in fact the resource that generates that wealth. We conclude that more, and more-affordable, energy is needed to enable more environmental protection in the developed world, but most especially in the developing world, where energy poverty results in vastly higher levels of environmental despoliation and poses harms to human health. In chapter 5, we will turn to the question of energy transitions. For decades, politicians of both parties have pledged to change our energy systems quickly, whether toward reducing imports, changing the way we distribute our energy, or, as it is in much discussion today, changing the way we produce energy, from fossil fuels to other sources such as wind power, solar power, and biofuels.

We also observed that ecosystems are highly resilient, a fact that has been borne out in the Gulf of Mexico, where bacteria have consumed the vast majority of oil spilled out at sea, preventing harm to coastal ecosystems. And although some seem to find this surprising, they shouldn’t have: the Gulf of Mexico is an ecosystem long adapted to oil leaks. As we observed: The amount of oil-based products entering the water each year from offshore production pales in comparison to the amount released through natural seeps or due to human consumption, disposal, and leakage of petroleum products.

The upright axis might also represent the use of environmental services such as diluting waste products in the air or the service one gets from a river’s ability to break down a certain quantity of waste in a manner that harms neither fish nor people. As the figure illustrates, for any given environmental resource, society passes through a series of phases. As countries develop, they use natural resources and environmental waste management services to build wealth with which the people satisfy their basic needs for housing, food, education, health care, mobility, and so on.

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