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By James Reapsome

ISBN-10: 0307769240

ISBN-13: 9780307769244

This examine of Abraham's lifestyles provides readers an in-depth glimpse into the lifetime of Abraham, and exhibits them what actual religion seems like for modern day Christians.

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If the studyguide’s questions ever seem ambiguous or unnatural to you, rephrase them, feeling free to add others that seem necessary to bring out the meaning of a verse. 3. Begin (and end) the study promptly. Start by asking someone to pray for God’s help. Remember, the Holy Spirit is the teacher, not you! 4. Ask for volunteers to read the passages out loud. 5. As you ask the studyguide’s questions in sequence, encourage everyone to participate in the discussion. ” 6. If a question comes up that you can’t answer, don’t be afraid to admit that you’re baffled!

We know nothing about him historically, except that he was both king and priest in Salem (Jerusalem). However, he is seen to be a forerunner of the type of priesthood of Jesus Christ, which was superior to that of the priesthood of Aaron. Question 6. “God Most High” (El Elyon in Hebrew) speaks of God as the owner and possessor of the universe—the world and everything in it. Question 8. Abram realized that God was the Most High and did not need earthly gains. Abram gave one-tenth of his spoils not because he felt that was all he needed to give, but as a sign that he believed all of his possessions really belonged to God.

In what ways does this dialogue between God and Abram instruct you in your walk of faith? STUDY 5 WHEN FAITH CAN’T WAIT Genesis 16 We live in a hurry up culture. We demand fast relief for headaches and heartburn. We devour fast food and prepare instant meals. We grab cash from instant bank machines and wear out the “door close” button on elevators. Impatience robs our faith, too, of peace and contentment, and of seeing God’s long-term perspective. Abram sometimes struggled with impatience. In this study, we see that he decided to do things his way when his faith could not wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled.

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