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By Ray H. Dunning

ISBN-10: 0834129698

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There are not any quick saints.

That's actual for everyone.

When he acknowledged definite to God's name, he set out on a lifelong course of development and transformation. Abraham explores the occasions and conditions that formed Abraham's stroll with God. It highlights the checks of religion that matured him into turning into God's accomplice in redeeming humanity. From the problem to show his again on his previous and include an unusual destiny to the fabulous request that he sacrifice his merely son, Abraham grew to become a version of putting up with and deepening religion. via his instance, we learn the way our responses in existence give a contribution to our non secular progress What it capacity to associate with God in his redemptive plan What it truly is like be referred to as a chum of God wealthy in devotional and theological perception, this publication by means of H. Ray Dunning is an exceptional retelling of Abraham's tale. It invitations us to go into Abraham's international and study from him how you can non secular adulthood. And most significantly it reminds us that via our religion in...

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Walter Brueggemann describes the theme as “an effective metaphor for hopelessness. There is no foreseeable future. ”2 Its mention at the very threshold of redemptive history (12:1-3) is a comment about the condition of the human race after the unsuccessful attempt at self-salvation in the Tower of Babel incident. All such efforts likewise lead to dead ends; they fail miserably at addressing the deepest need of humankind. That God speaks a word of promise in the midst of hopelessness and eventually brings about a solution is evidence of what God can do.

Abram had just experienced a great victory in battle. He had vanquished a superior force and consummated the victory with an act of generosity. ” The human spirit is not a machine, and high emotional moments can sometimes produce emotional lows. Many things can have this effect, and a failure to recognize this fact can destabilize a person’s faith. This is a natural human response. Many a preacher has delivered a rousing sermon, sprinkling stardust on the congregation, and then experienced a sharp sense of despondency afterward.

Even if Pharaoh never consummated his marriage with Sarai, just making her his “wife” jeopardized the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abram, at least with Sarai. The man to whom God had promised children now had no wife with whom to have them. ”4 Another great tragedy related to the purpose for which Abram was elected also occurred. He damaged the possibility of influencing others positively for his God. No doubt Abram had to slink out of Egypt with his tail between his legs, deeply humiliated by the less-than-admirable way the pagans on the Nile thought of the moral standards of his religion.

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