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Puberulous; B. Tomentose; C. Villous; D. Velutmous; E. Wooly; F. Pilose; G. Scabrous; H. Hispid; I. Stellate; J. HIrsute; K. Stngose; 1,. Sericeous. 5. Spiny. , Argemone. 6. Hairy. A surface covered with hairs. (a) Pubescent. Covered with soft, short, straight hairs. (b) Puberulous. Minutely pubescent (Fig. 19A). (c) Tomentose. Densely covered with long, soft, wool-like hairs (Fig. 19B). (d) Villous. Thickly covered with long, soft hairs (Fig. 19C). (e) Velutinous. Clothed with a velvety covering composed of erect, straight, moderately firm hairs.

Udulate or Sinuate. , Polyalthia (Fig 17 B) 24 J Practical Botany: Vol 2 o Fig. 17. Leaf margins. A. Entire; B. Undulate; C. Crenate; D. Serrate; E. Serrulate; F. Biserrate; G. Dentate; H. Denticulate; I. Incised; J. Lacerate; K. Laciniate; L Lobed; M. Cleft; N. Parted; O. Pinnatifid: P. Pectinate; Q. Palmate: R. Pedate; S. Crispate; T. Ciliate; U. Spinous. 3. Crenate. , Bryophyl/um,Hydrocotyle (Fig. 17 C). 4. Serrate. , China rose (Fig. 1707. S. Serrulate. 17 E). 6. Biserrate. Doubly serrate, each tooth serrated again (Fig.

17 0). 16. Pectinate. Comb-like or pinnated with very close narrow divisions (Fig. 17 P). 17. Palmate. , Castor (Fig. 17 Q). 18. Palmatifid. g, Castor. 19. Pedate. A palmately lobed or divided leaf of which the two side lobes are again divided or cleft (Fig. 17 R). 20. Crispate. , Tagetis (Fig. 17 S). 21. Ciliate. 17 T). 22. Spinous. , Argemone (Fig. 17 U). [VIII] Leaf Apices Alternative Terms Obtuse/ Acute/ Acuminate/ Caudate/ Cuspidate/ Truncate / Aristate / Retuse / Emarginate / Mucronate/ Cirrhose/ Apiculate.

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