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By John F. Hoffecker

ISBN-10: 0813534682

ISBN-13: 9780813534688

For the 1st time in recent times, we've a synthesis of the most recent considering and discoveries through a more youthful student with an authoritative take hold of of the topic. This e-book is a crucial contribution to the overall literature of human prehistory, specified for its complete assurance of the circumpolar regions.—Brian Fagan, writer of The lengthy summer season: How weather replaced Civilization

"A uniquely authoritative, hugely readable, and well-illustrated account of the way stone-age humans controlled to colonize the a long way North."—Richard G. Klein, Stanford University

Early people didn't easily waft northward from their African origins as their talents to deal with cooler climates developed. The preliminary payment of locations like Europe and northern Asia, in addition to the later circulate into the Arctic and the Americas, really happened in quite speedy bursts of enlargement. A Prehistory of the North is the 1st full-length examine to inform the advanced tale, spanning virtually million years, of the way people inhabited the various coldest areas on earth.

In an account wealthy with illustrations, John Hoffecker lines the historical past of anatomical variations, vitamin adjustments, and technological advancements, comparable to garments and guard, which allowed people the ongoing skill to push the limits in their habitation. The ebook concludes through displaying how within the previous couple of thousand years, peoples residing within the circumpolar zone—with the exception of western and important Siberia—developed a thriving maritime economy.

Written in nontechnical language, A Prehistory of the North presents compelling new insights and invaluable info for execs and scholars.

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Roughly 18 –17 million years ago, they collided and many animals spread across the new land connection from Africa into Eurasia. 17 Both Old World monkeys and hominoids —a group that includes all living and fossil apes and humans— evolved in Africa during the early Miocene. The monkeys, which were generally adapted to more open environments, were less widespread and diverse at this time. 3. Distribution of apes during the middle Miocene (17–7 million years ago). before 18 million years ago. 18 After the collision of the African and Eurasian continents, Old World monkeys and hominoids expanded their range across southern Asia and into parts of Europe.

One of them—named the “Gran Dolina”—is filled with more than 50 ft (16 m) of pebbles, sand, silt, and clay deposited primarily by running water. 12 The human remains comprise eighty-five fragments of bone and teeth, representing parts of both the cranial and the postcranial skeletons of at least six individuals. They exhibit some anatomical features that align them with Homo erectus of Africa and Asia, and even with modern humans (Homo sapiens), but set them apart from the later European hominids.

In 1994 clay deposits exposed by a road-building project near Ceprano yielded a human braincase (or calvarium). The skull fragment, which is thought to be older than 700,000 years, exhibits many similarities with Asian Homo erectus. 17 THE FIRST EUROPEANS 33 Heidelberg Man Between 800,000 and 525,000 years ago, the northern hemisphere experienced three periods of warm climate (interglacials) interspersed with colder episodes, and it appears likely that the sporadic colonization events of this interval occurred during the warm periods.

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