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By W. Belfield, M. Dearden and G. L. Watt (Auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9780080161051

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Exercise showing the action of ptyalin {see also p. 97) Method. Stand two test-tubes each containing 5 ml of 0-5 % starch solution in a water bath maintained at 40°C. To one tube add some saliva, and tö the other a similar volume of distilled water. Using a clean glass rod, take a drop of liquid from the saliva/starch mixture after 1 minute and add to a drop of iodine solution on a white tile. Repeat for the distilled water/starch mixture. Continue taking drops from each tube until there is a difference in the reaction of the two mixtures to the iodine.

160) to about 1 ml of the solution being tested in a test-tube. Gently boil. A brick-red precipitate of cuprous oxide results if a monosaccharide is present. g. sucrose (cane sugar) Method. Add a few drops of dil. acid to a solution of the sugar and warm gently for a few minutes. Neutralize with caustic soda soin, after cooling. This converts the disaccharide into a monosaccharide. Now carry out Fehling's or Benedict's test as above. g. starch This test need not be carried out on a solution or a suspension as it works just as well on solids.

Endosperm of castor oil seed. 54 FIG. 1. S. Xylem vessel. FIG. 1. S. Phloem. Thisfigureis clearer than you would expect to see in a section and should therefore be used only to interpret what you actually see. FIG. 1. (b) (x) Starch storage cells of potato. 4. THE FLOWERING PLANT thick cell wall cytoplasm plasmodesma FIG. 1. (b) (xi) Protoplasmic connections of date seed. FIG. 1. S. Epidermal layer. (See Fig. ) epidermal cell epidermal hair FIG. 1. (b) (xiii) Unicellular hair. chloroplast cellulose wall vacuole middle lamella nucleus cytoplasm FIG.

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