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A Frequency Dictionary of up to date American English: be aware sketches, collocates, and thematic listsis a useful instrument for all newbies of yank English, delivering an inventory of the 5,000 most often used phrases within the language.

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Pst’ surfaces with a high-mid tone contour in this context. This is presumably the result of tone sandhi with a following mid-tone question word with which it forms a tight phonological phrase, at least in an impressionistic sense. . See the discussion around the examples in (13) for comments on the use of the focus particle lῑ seen in the first clause in (9). Its presence there appears to be at least partially conditioned by the fact that the infinitival verb form preceding it is not followed by an object.

Elderkin, Edward D. 1986. Diachronic inferences from basic sentence and noun structure in Central Khoisan and Sandawe. Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika 7(2): 131–156. Elderkin, Edward D. 1989. The significance and origin of the use of pitch in Sandawe. Phil diss, University of York. Elderkin, Edward D. 1991. Clause structure and tone in Sandawe. York Papers in Linguistics 15: 93–115. Elderkin, Edward D. 1994. Sandawe verbal sentences. Paper presented at the Tutzing Conference on Khoisan Studies, July 11–14, 1994.

Dzaŋ᷆ y6¡ bāny6¡. ’ 11. I include the sentence in (10), in order to give as complete a discussion of Naki information structure encoding as possible given presently available data. It should be noted, however, that such a sentence using conjoined verb phrases is not ideal for establishing the coding of narrow verb focus since it is difficult to rule out that, in fact, it is not simply the propositional content of the verb itself that is in focus in such structures but, rather, the broader fact that the particular action encoded by the verb is applied to some presupposed referent – in which case the entire verb phrase would be in focus.

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