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In doing so, we sample the function. 0p. If you were using a scientific calculator to compute these values, you would start by making a list, or an array, of the values of x. Then, you would enter each value of x into your calculator, find its sine, and write down the result as the second array y. 2 Array Addressing or Indexing 57 As shown, x and y are ordered lists of numbers; that is, the first value or element in y is associated with the first value or element in x, the second element in y is associated with the second element in x, and so on.

As a result, commands within the M-file have access to all of the variables in the MATLAB workspace, and all of the variables created by the M-file become part of the workspace. Normally, the M-file commands are not displayed as they are evaluated. The echo on command tells MATLAB to display, or echo, commands to the Command window as they are read and evaluated. You can probably guess what the echo off command does. Similarly, the command echo by itself toggles the echo state. ” questions. m M-file, change the number of pens, notebooks, or scissors, and then save and execute the file.

The term script signifies that MATLAB simply reads from the script found in the file. m. 1 SCRIPT M-FILE USE To create a script M-file, click on the blank page icon on the MATLAB desktop toolbar, or choose New from the File menu and select M-file. This procedure brings up a text editor window wherein you can enter MATLAB commands. m pens = 5; % number of each item notebooks = 7; scissors = 1; 47 48 Chapter 4 Script M-files items = pens + notebooks + scissors cost = pens*30 + notebooks*60 + scissors*70 average_cost = cost/items This file can be saved to disk and executed immediately by (1) choosing Save and Run from the Debug menu, (2) pressing the Save and Run button on the Editor toolbar, or (3) simply pressing the function key F5.

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