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John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861) was once a botanist and geologist. As instructor, mentor and good friend to Charles Darwin, it used to be his creation that secured for Darwin the publish of naturalist at the voyage of the Beagle. whereas Professor of Botany, Henslow proven the Cambridge college Botanic backyard as a source for instructing and learn. scholars have been inspired to check plant specimens rigorously, and to checklist the features in their constructions. Henslow might have recognized how daunting they discovered the duty of changing into informed with botanical vocabulary, and produced this quantity to supply a safe starting place for clinical investigations. This meticulous thesaurus, initially released as a unmarried quantity in 1857 yet drawing on contributions he made prior to problems with The Botanist and Maund's Botanic backyard, is a testomony to Henslow's scholarship. it truly is liberally illustrated with pleasant woodcuts that make clear the that means of chosen phrases.

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BURMANNIA'CE^E, (from the genus Burmannia) a natural order of Monocotyledones. BURSERA'CE^E, (from the genus Bursera) may be considered either a distinct natural order, or a tribe of Terebintaceae. BVRSI&ULA, ( BURSA a purse) a membranous sack, single or double, at the base of the anther in some Orchidaceae, in^ which the retinaculum, or glandular base of a pollen-mass is lodged, FIG. 42. BUSH, a low shrub, densely branched from the very surface of the ground. BUTOMA'CEJE BUTO'MEJE, (from the genus Butomus) the Flowering-rush Tribe.

22 48 CRO CoTYLOfDEUs, (KOTvXrj & eidog a resemblance) sha- ped something like a porringer, depressed in the middle, elevated on the margin and with a short wide tube at the base, fig. 59. CRASSULA'CE^E, (from the genus Crassula) the House-leek tribe. A natural Order of Dicotyledones. CRAS'SUS, thick. CRATE'RIFORM, CRATERIFOR'MIS, (CRATER a goblet, FORMA shape) goblet shaped. CREAM-COLOUR, synonyme for Ivory-white. CREEPING-STEM, an underground stem, which in its most general signification is synonymous with Rhizoma.

AVENA'CEOUS, (AVENA'CEUS of oats) bearing some relation, or casual resemblance to oats. AVE'NIUS, {a without, VENA a vein) reinless. AVER'SUS, (turned back) inverse. AWL-SHAPED, narrow and gradually tapering to a fine point. AWN, a stiff bristle-like appendage to various foliaceous and floral organs, especially the glumes and paleae of grasses. In some cases it is evidently a prolongation of the midnerve. AWNED, furnished with an awn. AXE-SHAPED, having somewhat the form of an axe, as the fleshy leaves of some Mesembryanthema.

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