A characteristic set method for solving boolean equations - download pdf or read online

By Chai F., Gao X.-S., Yuan C.

This paper offers a attribute set procedure for fixing Boolean equations, that is extra effective and has greater houses than the final attribute set strategy. particularly, the authors provide a disjoint and monic 0 decomposition set of rules for the 0 set of a Boolean equation method and an particular formulation for the variety of ideas of a Boolean equation process. The authors additionally end up attribute set could be computed with a polynomial variety of multiplications of Boolean polynomials by way of the variety of variables. As experiments, the proposed strategy is used to unravel equations from cryptanalysis of a category of movement ciphers in response to nonlinear filter out turbines. large experiments express that the tactic is kind of powerful.

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A characteristic set method for solving boolean equations and applications in cryptanalysis of stream ciphers* by Chai F., Gao X.-S., Yuan C.

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